Why Coordina+®?

Global solution to your needs in CBA documentation management

Adaptable to your needs

Coordina+® is an customizable software that adapts to the needs of any organization, whether you need a standard solution as if it needs is a tailored solution. We help you to define the specific needs of your company, designing a platform for the Coordination of Business Activities that provides a customized technological solution.

Outsourcing option

If your company does not have staff resources to manage the documentation for the Coordination of Business Activities, we have technicians in POR specialized in monitoring, validation and auditing of all documentation required by the CBA of your workers, subcontractors, vehicles and machinery.

  • In plant: We provide technicians in Prevention of Occupational Risks to our customer, in its own facilities, to manage all CBA documentation

  • Coordina+ OUT: We perform validation tasks on platforms of your customers, regardless of their contracted CBA platform. Our experts have extensive experience in other existing software on the market.

Nontraumatic migration

If your company currently is a user of another platform for the Coordination of Business Activities , we migrate the database of your organization to Coordina+ in a non-traumatic way.

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