Discover the main features of Coordina+®

Efficient management of the documentation for the Coordination of Business Activities

Vehicles and machinery

It is possible to register all and many vehicles / machines as is or use the user , creating and assigning the necessary documents to control each of them.

Access profiles

Depending on the needs of the company and the type of user profiles Coordina+ generates different accesses to the platform (center, accountable, etc.) based on the marked standards to suit your organizational structure.

Automatic reading RNT (TC2)

Coordina+ has the ability to automatically read data from the RNT (nominal ratio of workers, former TC2 ) and incorporate them into the data base.

Self-generated documents

Our CBA software enables user self-generated documents and can create as many as you need and name it without restrictions.

Access Control

Validate the identity of contractors workers through a Fingerprint Reader , and other identification systems such as ID card, RF card or QR .

Customized reports

Coordina+® generates detailed reports, but we can also create your organization needs according to the criteria that your company considers important.

History of changes and updates

With Coordina+ you will have access to all information concerning the changes made on the application , who made ​​them and when.

Expiration Alerts

Generates automated alerts, indicating the pending documentation and about to expire and / or expired, notifying the appropriate department and effectively dividing the workload and responsibility of validation.