Coordination of Business Activities software 

If you have a non standard company, don’t hire a standard software


Poor management of documentation required in compliance with Law 31/1995 on Coordination of Business Activities involves risk that “something escape” and can cause great harm to your organization.

Companies with work centers in which professionals attend other organizations to provide services and companies who access these facilities must manage a large volume of documentation to comply with the law.

Receive, validate and forward this entire document flow can mean a great cost of time and resources for businesses, in addition to pose a risk if the law referred to the coordination of business activities is breached.

We have developed Coordina+, a Coordination of Business Activities software, in order to help companies, both suppliers and customers, managing all this documentation.

We offer a scalable solution as it meets the needs of any organization, when the standard programs are not enough.

What benefits we get with Coordina+?
  • Facilitate and streamline management and access to all documentation
  • Reduce the burden of administrative tasks to staff involved
  • Improve productivity and optimize processes
  • Lower costs in Human Resources
  • Comply with the Law 31/1995, providing legal certainty

Coordina+ is a simple yet powerful software as a service (SaaS) for managing all documentation required by the Coordination of Business Activities. Gives your organization a tool for managing the contracts and subcontracts that ensures compliance with the Law on Occupational Hazards.

  • It is 100% web therefore you do not need expensive equipment or setting ups
  • It generates alerts for pending documentation, about to expire and / or expired
  • The information is hosted on servers that meet 100% safety standards
  • Starting and running in 24h
Software coordinacion actividades empresariales
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