Coordina+ OUT: More than a program of Coordination of Business Activities

Manage the CBA documents with your Big Clients 

For a service company, not having access to the facilities of one of its major customers for the lack or expiration of a document, not only means the loss of turnover: also the risk of losing the contract with the customer.

The companies that serve in their customers facilities are forced to devote more and more resources and time to manage all the documentation required for its workers, machinery and vehicles (including subcontractors) to access them, complying with law concerning the Coordination of Business Activities.

The complexity is that each client has:

  • Different programs (the many that exist in the market)
  • Different internal regulations
  • Different expiration dates for each document

This aspect makes it difficult, even more, the management of all this documentary volume.

What are the benefits of the program Coordina+ OUT?
  • You will have the certainty that your workers will be able to access your customers facilities in each service

  • Rest assured that your workers are going to make the service safely

  • Confidence that all documentation required by your client is updated in CBA management program

  • Optionally you can ask our experts in Prevention of Occupational Risks monitor, validate and manage the documentation requested by customers. Our team knows and works with different CAE market programs and provide you a great experience


Coordina+ is a simple yet powerful software as a service (SaaS) for managing all documentation required by the Coordination of Business Activities. Gives your organization a management program that ensures compliance with the Law on Occupational Risks.

  • It is 100% web, therefore you do not need expensive equipment or facilities

  • It generates alerts of the pending documentation, about to expire and / or expired

  • The information is hosted on servers that meet 100% safety standards

  • Starting and running in 24h

Programa coordinacion actividades empresariales
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