coordinacion-actividades- empresariales
An online CUSTOM software for the

Coordination of Business Activities management

Prevention awareness

Coordina+ gives you legal certainty, compliance with the Law 31/1995 which refers to the CBA

Agile and Customizable

Coordina+ software adapts to the needs and interests of any organization providing a customized and agile technological solution

Improves productivity

Decreases recruitment, reduce administrative time and automates the documentary treatment

Outsourcing option

We put at your disposal our technicians in POR, performing all the Coordination of Business Activities management

Ensures service

It checks the documentation Coordination of Business Activities is in order to perform the service

Control and accessibility

Visualization, access and archiving of all documents via web, avoiding the loss and analog file

Management, coordination and documentation audit of the CBA

Coordina+ premiado en los Galardones Mejores Prácticas en la PRL
Awarded for Best Practices
in the Prevention of Occupational Risks 2015

Awarded in the first edition of the Awards for Best Practices in the POR 2015 in the Management Category, delivered by the Professional Forum of POR Foment del Treball Nacional, funded by the Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Risks

Coordina+® OUT

Accelerate the dispatch of documentation for your organization to your customers, regardless of the CBA platform they have contracted

Manage the CBA with your customers and send in an agile manner the required documentation of your workers, machinery, vehicles, etc … to access and service at its facilities safely. If they have hired another platform, you can control it from our software Coordina+ ® saving management time.
¡No surprises, option included in the service! 
Coordina + Automatiza el envío de la documentación de tu organización a tus clientes
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